Easy Pack has developed one of the first pellet bedding actually designed for equestrian use. PELLET BED is made of 100% natural straw, it is heat treated and has no harmful spores. It makes a really cushioned bed which is super absorbent. Pellets also reduce the working time by 50-70%.  The product has 300% water absorbency capacity which is 5x more than wood pellets and 3x better than shavings. It composts 90% quicker than wood and actually releases much needed nitrogen back into the soil when spread back on the land. It has no effect on the animal or owners respiratory systems unlike wood pellets.

Customer Reviews

Straw Pellet Bedding“The bed goes down nicely with no need for water, therefore the absorbency capacity is still at its maximum”

“The bed is like memory foam, it has a bounce to it”

“It cost us more to set up initially but its saving us money, time and storage now – great product.”

Send us a picture of your Horse or Pet eating or using an Easy pack product for a chance to win 5 products of your choice.

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