I feed Alfalfa pellets at the moment could I use your feed pellets instead?

These are similar products however most other makes of feed pellets are flash dried in a kiln this can make the grass more brittle and can be dusty, it can damage theĀ  nutrients in the product. Our grass is naturally sun dried and retains all its goodness. The product also goes through a dust extractor machine before bagging. Typically our timothy pellets are lower in digestible energy than others (8.42mj/kg). Our Meadow range has more energy as expected with 9.13 mj/kg and our Rye grass has 9.25 mj/kg. The energy requirements of your horse should be the deciding factor on what products to feed and easy pack caters for these. Our Timothy range should cater for most horses requirement, with the Meadow range for those that do more work or compete with their horses.