Easy Pack Haylage – Rye Grass

Italian Rye grasses and high fibre meadow grasses have been selected and cultivated to produce a stable haylage which is high in fibre, as well as a good source of controlled energy. Suitable for;

  • Horses in hard work
  • Horses that are competing on a regular basis
  • Large breeds
  • Horses requiring additional condition
    Breeding stock
  • This convienient packaging will preserve the life of your product,
  • 20kg bags
  • It is packed in sections to help with feeding your horse regular amounts

Easy Pack has each product analysed by an independent company, click here for an Easy Pack Haylage – Rye Grass Analysis.

For a slightly lower sugar level we recommend our Meadow Product Range. Our Meadow range is  suited to active horses or those that need to gain condition.

Why Choose Haylage?

Unlike hay, which is dried, haylage is made from wilted grass compressed and packaged into airtight bales covered in a tough plastic.  This process enables the haylage to go into a steady state of fermentation, stabilizing the grasses’ pH levels, increases palatability, while maintaining all of the grasses’ nutritional benefits.  This method of baling preserves the haylage creating a safe product for horses. Once opened  it will need to be consumed within 2 to 4 days depending on the outside temperature.

The value of haylage

If produced and packaged correctly, haylage is an excellent choice of highly digestible forage packed with valuable nutrition.  Haylage has a higher water content than hay, making it heavier.  When substituting for hay, haylage should be given on a weight for weight basis.  For horses that eat quickly it is recommended to split the ration into smaller portions and given throughout the day. Haylage nets, which have smaller holes than conventional hay nets, can also be used to make your haylage last longer.

Additional benefits

Haylage is an excellent choice of forage for horses, with different grasses chosen for varying work loads and energy requirements. Easy Pack Haylage can be used for any horse and comes with the following benefits –

  • haylagesacksReduces respiratory problems.
  • Provides high quality fibre.
  • High palatability.
  • Great for fussy eaters.
  • Reduces the need for hard feed.
  • Provides energy without ‘heating’.
  • Provides a constantly high quality grass.
  • Good quality protein without the bulk.
  • Improves condition naturally.
  • No soaking required.
  • Allowing a more natural form of feeding for a happier and healthier horse.

bigbalesAlso available in Big Bales…

All our haylage range is available in 500kg, 250kg and 110kg all delivered on pallets with forklift unload.

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