Easy Pack Pet Pack Meadow Pellets *New*

Features of Easy Pack Pet Pack – Meadow Pellets.

  • These pellets are 100% natural and contain no binders or fillers.
  • The pellets are naturally sweet.
  • Dental benefits – The pellets are good for pets teeth keeping them clean and in good condition, however the pellets can to soaked to help hydrate pets through their food and if soaked it is especially ideal for pets with poor teeth condition who struggle eating hard food.
  • The 100% Meadow grass both releases a high fibre and low sugar into the animals diet. This is ideal for animals who are active those or who may need to gain some condition.
  • Meadow Pellets come in 6ltr paper bags, with convenient carrying handles.

For a lower sugar level we recommend our 100% Timothy pellets. The Timothy pellets are better for convalescing or older pets or those that need to watch their weight.