Easy Pack Premium Bedding

Easy Pack Premium Bedding is made from chopped rape straw, the ideal choice for sensitive horses or those with respiratory problems. The straw is hammer milled for softness and dust extracted.

This bedding is packaged in tight manageable bales, that are easy to handle and load into the car, without spilling.

Features of Easy Pack Premium Bedding – 20kg bales
  • Manageable
  • Soft – This is one of our softest beddings.
  • Odour control- locks in moisture reducing waste and absorbing ammonia smells.
  • Versatile- ideal for traditional or deep litter beds can also be used on top of rubber matting
  • Finely Chopped- for a soft manageable and easy to work with bedding. (Shorter chop length than our other products)
  • Dust Extracted
  • Biodegradable – rots down quickly and can be spread straight on to the land saving money on muck removal whilst providing an ideal fertiliser for your fields.
  • The combination of Rape & Wheat Straw make it less palatable.