Easy Pack Haylage – Timothy Grass
Easy Pack Timothy Grass Pellets *New*
Easy Pack Compressed Timothy Hay
Easy Pack Haylage – Meadow Grass
Easy Pack Meadow Grass Pellets *New*
Easy Pack Compressed Meadow Hay
Easy Pack Haylage – Rye Grass
Easy Pack Compressed Oat Straw
Easy Pack Big Bale Range

Bedding Products

We offer a range of beddings to suit each horse and owner. For more information on each of the products please click on the picture. If you are unsure of which bedding will suit you and your horse best use our ‘Which Bedding?’ table.

Easy Pack Chopped Miscanthus
Easy Pack Chopped Straw Bedding
Easy Pack Pellet Bed *New*
Easy Pack Premium Bedding

 Which bedding should I choose?

Chopped Straw


Chopped Miscanthus Premium

(Chopped Rape Straw)

Pellet Bed
Weight 20kg 20kg 20kg 15kg
Biodegradability **** ***** ****** ******
Absorbancy **** ****** ****** ******
Sustainability ***** ****** ******* ******
Softness ***** **** ******* ******