Why choose Easy Pack?

What started as just selling haylage has grown due to the high demand from customers for more products of a consistently high standard. Our Big bale range enables yards to benefit from economies of scale but has the convenience of being available in smaller packs to take to events or when storage is limited, whilst maintaining a regular diet for your horse or pet.

We want to preserve our environment, whilst providing excellent quality natural food. The Easy Pack team are rigorous in our quality control and dedicated to producing only the very best products for the market.

Easy Pack is one of the only companies that produce their product from the ground up. We grow most of our products ourselves, process and dust extract it, then package it on site and deliver it to the shops. The environmental impact and the food miles are low. We know what goes into our products and can ensure that they are harvested at the best time and processed in the correct conditions to provide a consistently high standard. We only produce feeds and bedding that have a low impact and lifecycle that will not harm the environments. We have provided an excellent bedding alternative to wood pellets with our new straw pellets which grow annually rather than taking 10’s of years to grow and replace. OUr range grows with customer demand and we listen to our customers and shop representatives very seriously when delveloping products. We have been working with Forage Plus to further study the nutrition of our products and you can now find in depth analysis on each of our products on the product pages.

Easy Packs Range now includes:

Equestrian Feeds – Haylage – Meadow, Timothy, Rye. Compressed Meadow  Hay, Compressed Timothy Hay, Meadow  & Timothy Grass Pellets

Compressed Oat Straw, Bagged Grain, BIG BALE: Meadow Hay, Timothy Hay, Rye Haylage, Meadow  Haylage, Timothy Haylage, Lucerne.

Equestrian Bedding – Chopped Straw, Chopped Miscanthus, Premium (Rape Straw), Pellet Bed, BIG BALE Wheat Straw

Pet – Pet Hay – Meadow, Pet Pack – Timothy Pellets, Pet Pack – Meadow  Pellets, Pet Straw – Bedding, Pet Pack – Pellet Bed